30 May 2012

[AUDIO] TEEN TOP drops new mini album "aRtisT"!

Yeayy TEEN TOP WILL MAKE COMEBACK!!! So happy ^^ Check out the tracks!

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[INTERVIEW] Naver Music Interview With Sunggyu.

Infinite’s reliable leader, Kim Sunggyu
‘Music that you wish would be played somewhere’
We will be viewing the music recommendations from Kim Sunggyu, the leader and main vocal of Infinite, who are currently rising as ‘group choreography-dols’.
‘Music That You Wish Would Be Played Somewhere’
In the idol group market, where everything is neck-to-neck, Infinite rose up immediately as the ‘trend’. They are a 7 membered group who shows the positive points of ‘group choreography’ with their slender bodies. Since there are a lot of members, it seems like it would be easy to forget them, but they are at the top with female fans in their 10’s and are also capturing the hearts of women in their 20~30’s. This group’s leader and main vocal, Kim Sunggyu (23), picked the two words of ‘diversity’ and ‘teamwork’ as the secret behind the team’s popularity.
“We don’t stick to one type of music color. We work hard to always use different genre’s colors in singles or mini albums. Since all 7 of us have our own distinct color, that point allows us to not be boring. When we sing, each of our parts aren’t set in stone, so we don’t hold back on different vocals trying out singing with a different feel.”
The phrase ‘group choreography-dols’ has been attached to them. The prefix of Shin (新), which was used a lot among early idol groups such as Shinhwa, is a word that is used often when explaining the idol group’s ‘teamwork’. He, who said their teamwork was created through being group choreography-dols, said, “We practice dancing a lot with each other, so we’re the happiest when we hear things like that.”
Defying his parents’ opposition, Kim Sunggyu joined a school rock band in high school. Then when he said ‘I want to become a singer’, his parents severely objected and said, “We would rather you get out of the house.” One day, when he was talking about college entries with his elementary school friend, his friend said, “Think about whether you’re going to college to join a band or going to college in order to study.” And he asked, “The thing you want to do is music, so is there really a necessary reason to go to college.”
And that’s how he came to Seoul. He, who came up to Seoul because he was ‘crazy about music’, lived in gosiwons (T/N: hostels that usually students lived in to study) and endured each day while working part-time at a meat restaurant and serving at a cafe. A regular customer at the cafe asked him, “What kind of music do you enjoy?” And he just replied with, “Nell.” Then the regular customer said, “I’m Nell’s manager. We’re going to make a dance group, so if you have any thoughts about auditioning, you should come.”
“When I auditioned, I’ll slightly threatened (?) them saying that, ‘If you don’t pick me, I’m going to bother you forever’. After holding back a hurting stomach and auditioning, I went to the hospital immediately and got an appendectomy. On the day that I got released, I was notified that I passed. At first, I was a bit conflicted. I only listened to rock music, so it was a bit unusual for me to try out R&B/Hip Hop music. However, after continuously listening to that kind of music and practicing, I started liking it. Although I was criticized by my school friends when I told them I was joining a dance group, I just really liked singing and learning.”
He said, “Whether I’m part of a dance group or a rock group, I was thinking that I wouldn’t be embarrassed whenever I would be doing music.” Kim Sunggyu came out as a representative of Infinite and showed his music selection for this week’s ‘Musician’s Choice’. With the topic of ‘Music that you wished would be played somewhere’, the songs he chose were rock and R&B songs. Kim Sunggyu, who said there is no better happy feeling than when he hears a song he knows when he randomly passes by somewhere. His interest in music continues on beyond the stage.
Music Recommendations
The first album chosen by Kim Sunggyu: Javier Colon’s [Javier]
“When you want to cheerfully love someone, I think of the song, ‘Crazy’. Although this musician isn’t really famous, I was really surprised when I first heard his songs. I fell for sweetness of it. When I first heard the song, ‘The Answer is Yes’, I started noticing this artist’s existence. So when I found and listened to ‘Crazy’, I felt my heart go restless. It was somewhat sweet and cheerful. And more than anything, I felt that I wanted to go crazy and love as well. Because I listened to this song at the situation where it’s difficult to date, I think those feelings came out even more. Haha. It’s a song that you look for when your love is becoming sad or frustrating.”

The second album chosen by Kim Sunggyu: Jay Sean’s [My Own Way]

“It’s one of the albums I still enjoy listening to. I move to the rhythm without even knowing? He was a musician that I really liked during my trainee days. I started dancing during my trainee days while listening to his song, ‘Maybe’ and I immediately felt his charm. At first, I felt R&B singers were a bit difficult to follow and following the rhythm and singing like that wasn’t easy as well, but I grew used to it through this song. Should I say that it was when I found out that that there was a song that was a rhythmical and fun as this? I think it’s a good song to listen to when you want to dance. When you watch Jay Sean’s stages, his dance movements aren’t large. I was shocked at the fact that he had the ability to make people cheerful just through his song. When you listen to his songs, you can enjoy it more if you emphasize the bass sound.”
The third album chosen by Kim Sunggyu: Bruno Mars’ [Doo-Wops & Hooligans]
“It’s music that I want to listen to together with a special person. I remember practicing and playing a guitar because I liked this music so much. The song I usually practiced on the guitar was ‘Count on Me’. This song’s lyrics talk about, ‘I’ll hold onto your hand~’, and I think that I can express my feelings with this song when I’m walking down the street with my special person and this song turns on without my fingers curling."
The fourth album chosen by Kim Sunggyu: Muse’s [Absolution]
“When I feel frustrated, I often look for this album. I listen to the guitar solo in the song, ‘Hysteria’, and feel my thirst be quenched? It was the first song we performed in high school. I was shocked when I saw their live at a rock festival when Muse became really popular. In my 1st year of high school, I listened to Matthew Bellamy’s playing and thought that, ‘It’s something that we really want to play’. However, we had strange performances such as a time when weren’ able to buy a bass accessory because we didn’t have money, so we placed a guitar accessory on it. If you go out onto the streets because you’re frustrated and this song suddenly turns on, you will feel a strong sense of being refreshed. I think the phrase ‘overwhelmed’ will fit best."
The fifth album chosen by Kim Sunggyu: Nell’s [3rd Album: Healing Process]
“I remember listening to this a lot when I was personally tired. They were songs that comforted me. Although I don’t know what kind of intentions (Kim) Jongwan hyung had when writing the song, ‘Limit’, I think he understands my situation really well. It was a song I listened to when I first came to Seoul and went through a lot of difficulties, but the lyrics, ‘I’m just a person who easily gets hurt by one word, what more do you expect from me—-‘, gave me a lot of comfort. I comforted myself by saying, ‘Since I’m a weak person, I could just live like this—-‘. I was able to not easily get hurt by others and understand myself quite firmly. I especially liked Nell’s unique dream-like feel. It was an album I chose after looking for songs that would somewhat comfort me.”
‘I want to become a group with infinite possibilities where our team improves every day.’
As the group leader, where does he put his greed into. “Although it’s not really a point that sets us apart from others, I really want to hear that Infinite is a team that really improves. Just like our group name, I want to really have ‘infinite—-possibilities’. I want to always show a new side of us along with hidden talents that can receive comments like, ‘there was a side like this to Infinite’. 
Maybe it’s because he wasn’t noticed from the beginning or maybe it’s due the the troubles he went through in the past, but he was modest and said, “I’m always full of thankfulness.” “When we first started, we didn’t even get noticed or have popularity, but whenever I think of that time, I’m so thankful to the point where I feel sorry about how busy we are lately. Because there aren’t many teams who can be really busy, I’m really thankful that we became a busy team.”
Kim Sunggyu said, “I don’t want to become an idol group who immediately gains popularity and has it easily fall down.” And added, “I want to hold all this passion from the start that hasn’t cooled down and give it directly to the fans.”
The Main Songs Recommended By Kim Sunggyu:
1. Crazy by Javier Colon from [Javier]
2. Biggest Mistake by Javier Colon from [Javier]
3. Maybe by Jay Sean from [My Own Way]
4. Used to Love Her by Jay Sean from [My Own Way]
5. Count on Me by Bruno Mars from [Doo-Wops & Hooligans]
6. Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars from [Doo-Wops & Hooligans]
7. Hysteria by Muse from [Absolution]
8. Time is Running Out by Muse from [Absolution]
9. Limit/한계 by Nell from [3rd Album: Healing Process]
10. Lose Your Heart/마음을 잃다 by Nell from [3rd Album: Healing Process]

source: naver, translations by hyejin @ infiniteupdates

1 Mar 2012

[NEWS] INFINITE, IU & Verbal Jint are netizens’ choice for ’2012 KMA’!

Although the ‘2012 KMA (Korean Music Awards) will be happening one week from today, the results for the Netizens’ Choice awards were released ahead of time.
The awards ceremony will be held on February 29th, recognizing various artists in a variety of categories, a few of which will be determined by netizens’ votes.
Netizens were able to vote for their favorite female and male artist, as well as their favorite group from January 18th through February 17th.
Verbal Jint clinched the #1 spot as the netizens’ choice of male artist with 1,193 votes out of the 5,228 votes cast. Meanwhile, IU was chosen as the top female artist with 2,986 votes out of the 4,527!
As for the netizens’ favorite group, a fierce battle royale between many of the industry’s top stars fought for the title, but in the end, ‘trend idols’ INFINITE came out on top with 9,311 votes out of the 24,424 cast!
For the full list of artists nominated, check out KMA’s page.
Stay tuned for the ceremony on February 29th, and find out who else will be crowned winners!
Source + Photo: KMA homepageNewsen
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p/s : OMO, INSPIRIT are very proud of our lovely oppa >< chukahaeyong <3 INFINITE fighting!!! ^^

24 Feb 2012

[NEWS] Teen Top to perform a remix version of “Going Crazy”

Group Teen Top will be performing remix versions of Going Crazy“.
Brave Brothers has decided to turn the song “Going Crazy” into a remix, treating it as if they were creating a whole new song. With the work of Brave Brothers, Teen Top’s “Going Crazy” has been reborn with the addition of an R&B and dubstep style.
The boys will also create a whole new performance to go along with the dubstep.
Fans will be able to witness their new performances during KBS‘ ‘Music Bank‘, MBC‘s ‘Music Core‘, and SBS‘ ‘Inkigayo‘ on the 24th, 25th, and 26th respectively.

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[NEWS] Brave Girls hold a showcase with Teen Top as their guest performers

The Brave Girls have comeback with their new mini album ‘Re-Issue’, and recently held a showcase at a club in Nonghyundong on February 22nd, along with additional performances by Teen Top!
 The girls received much love and positive feedback from the audience as they belted out their title track, “Nowadays You”, a song produced by one of Korea’s top hit-makers, Brave Brothers. The catchy electro-pop track, which has reached the top of some music charts and was also one of the most searched for terms, incorporates a variety of elements such as the heavy drum beat along, and the rhythmical guitar riffs.
Teen Top featured as special guests during the showcase to help cheer on the girls for their new comeback, with their performance of “Going Crazy”, a song also produced by Brave Brothers.
Brave Girls described the concept this time around as “Mannish style” as they’re sporting a more androgynous look. Fittingly, they expressed that they “think of it as competing against boy groups rather than girl groups” for this comeback promotion.
In related news, Brave Girls made their first music program appearance earlier today through ‘Mnet’s M! Countdown’.

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[NEWS] TEEN TOP’s L.Joe & Chunji share their childhood photos

TEEN TOP‘s L.Joe and Chunji have shared their baby photos through TEEN TOP’s official me2day page.
On February 21st, L.Joe wrote, “Look at little L.Joe showing off his muscles!! It’s a little awkward seeing myself as a child again. But you’re going to show some love for little rascal L.Joe too, right?”
Chunji mused, “You’re not disappointed seeing this photo, are you? I don’t know if I was about to cry or whine. This is me Chunji, practicing my facial expressions since childhood.”
Later, fellow group member Niel responded to their photos by writing, “Ahh baby photos of L.Joe & Chunji kekeke… little Niel was way cuter!”
Can you tell who’s who in the photos below?
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[VIDEO] INFINITE releases MV for “Cover Girl (Live Version)”

Idol group INFINITE have just released a special music video through their official YouTube channel.
On February 24th, the boys unveiled a MV for “Cover Girl” with footage taken from their ‘INFINITE Second Invasion‘ concert. The music video hosts live audio taken from the stadium, so fans will get to hear the boys sing live with the support of a band.
“Cover Girl” can be found in their repackaged album, ‘Paradise‘.

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[VIDEO] Catch a sneak peek of INFINITE’s Samsung Galaxy Player CF!

Samsung will be releasing their new Galaxy Player, and what better way to promote the new product than featuring INFINITE as their endorsement models?
As reported earlier, the CF will be released around mid-March, but to hold fans over in the meantime, Samsung has released a clip giving fans a sneak peek into the filming of the CF!
The members are seen goofing off with each other, as well as dancing around wildly with their Galaxy Players in their hands.
Check out the footage below!

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[NEWS] Viewers praise L’s acting abilities on ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’

L of boy group INFINITE is captivating his TV audience.
L is showcasing his natural acting abilities in his current tvN drama, ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band(written by Seo Yoon Hee, directed by Lee Kwon). On the February 14th episode, L put on a very convincing performance. On the episode, L hurt his hand while running to attend a rock festival as he was almost hit by the car driving a singer, Kim Yerim. Despite his bloody hand, he made his best effort to put on a passionate performance on stage for the audience.
However, during the middle of the performance, he was stopped by the band’s leader who had seen his bloody hand and L had no choice but to walk off the stage that had been prepared in memory of their deceased friend, Byung Hee (Lee Minki).
After the show, L runs into Kim Yerim and it seems as though he is trying to suppress his anger and frustration that surface upon seeing her. Although she offers him an apology, he is extremely cold to her and brushes past her.
With his cold stare and natural acting abilities, L properly conveys the personality of his character, Lee Hyun Soo. His emotions were effectively delivered, and viewers who could sense his sincerity praised his acting skills. At the time the scene was being filmed, the staff members were blown away with his ability to focus.
I think I started showing you Hyun Soo’s true colors from the 6th episode,” he said. “I studied up on a lot of things in order to shoot scenes on stage. Please look forward the story as it continues to unfold.”
Meanwhile, ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’s is 16-episode mini series about the members of a high school rock band and their experiences with love and friendship. It airs every Monday and Tuesday at 11:00PM KST.

Source & Image: Herald via Nate
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